Shmokey Comfort

It’s not like I hadn’t been there before, but the shopping mall seemed very different because it is in transition with some stores closed and some new businesses starting up. For a few seconds I wondered if I was maybe not in the right place but I soon got over that as I smelled the tantalizing aroma encouraging me give the restaurant a try.
I was drawn to this place by the restaurant advisor on line (London, Ontario, Canada) that had indicated that very good food was being prepared there at a small restaurant, Shmokey Bob’s.
The place is decorated simply but creatively and presents itself as clean and welcoming. The atmosphere is down home and reminded me of sitting down for something to eat at a small country truck stop. The specialized food is barbeque pulled pork, brisket, closeslaw, fries etc. A young chef proudly shared information with me that the top quality food was all locally sourced. While I was there I noticed the clientele seemed to be mostly university students. I am also assuming it would be a great place for these students to bring any visiting parents as it is a comforting, unpretentious place to share very good barbeque food, kick back and visit.
My order was the special of the day and it was great. I enjoyed myself and I know I’ll be taking friends and family back there for more. It will be a perfect place for treating both my son and my older brother. I plan to take my sister there too as I know she will appreciate the excellent food but be delighted by how simply comforting the whole experience feels. You should go too.


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