A Spell In Maycomb County

Scoring a ticket from a neighbour with an extra one to share I was included in an evening of community theatre at The Palace, London, Canada. The production was To Kill a Mockingbird. The large refurbished old theatre was packed and the ages were varied. Everyone there already some knowledge of the story or was prepared by their companions for a very special evening.

Recently rereading the book by Harper Lee, I considered myself something of an expert on how the story should be interpreted. The production was well done and performances rang true. So much of this wonderful book in a stage presentation has be reinterpreted, shortened and adapted. To capture the essence of the story is quite a challenge.

There is so much to learn from looking back and trying to sort out what  circumstances, instinct and wisdom play in our lives. I appreciate that this production renewed  interest in a fine story. At different times of our life, from childhood to maturity such lessons need review.



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4 responses to “A Spell In Maycomb County

  1. That’s so true … and that’s such a great piece of literature too.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I went to a live theater performance, it sounds lovely.

    • I’m really enjoying my retirement and going to all the theatre i can as there are lots of options in my area…community theatre, poetry nights, paywright caberets….if I had my working life to do over i would have tried theatre full time…but now I can still enjoy any opportunity I get to take in a local production.

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