Lost in a Good Part of Town

Clear cold night, nice part of town and there I was, momentarily disoriented. Lost somehow, on my way to visit friends things looked different to me. I have a tendency to drive by landmarks rather than directions.  I had previously visited these folks in daylight and had maneuvered a couple of turns to their home without difficulty but that was some time ago. Tonight, I was literally in the dark and confining myself to a couple of streets that I thought went a certain way and met up at my destination but I had not taken myself far enough down the street so kept looping around and around and around!

 After a few minutes of this I couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing but eventually found myself. I went further down the road, which I thought was a dead end and found it made the curve and low and behold there was the home I was desperately trying to find. Embarrassed yet relieved I was happy to find my friends, accept a glass of wine and enjoyed a great meal. 

I found out later a phone call to my home out of town had been made as they were wondering where (the heck) I was and what ( the heck) had happened to me. The message is still on my answering machine and after I publish this blog I will check it out. It is nice to know that a search party might have been organized if I had been lost in the woods.  Considering I was safely driving around a lovely neighbourhood, close to downtown landmarks, restaurants and coffeeshops I didn’t really panic except for the realization I was holding up their dinner.

I think I was forgiven but now they know I’m likely to be out there, driving around, looking for myself  and having a senior moment if I’m invited back again. Now they know to just reheat the casserole and uncork the wine because I’ll make it….eventually.



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5 responses to “Lost in a Good Part of Town

  1. How lovely! I appreciate your ability to approach something like this as a mini-adventure instead of an inconvenience. No wonder they invited you to dinner – you must be delightful company.

  2. I love your attitude to things too … so positive. It sounds like a lovely evening with friends 🙂

  3. I had to laugh because I did the same thing last summer.

  4. I have done this before too, often while walking in london, parts of town would hide themselves from me until i had thoroughly travelled other parts – beautifully written.. c

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