Missing In Blog Features?

Lately, I made an effort to post a blog but it didn’t work despite the other features apparently are doing fine. This has put a crimp in my blog writing. Let it be known that I am stockpiling my writing here at home and doing some editing but very little rewriting. I’m saving that for a blizzard day  when I will be home anyway drinking tea and listening to my folk music or Celtic CD collection. Reading over my stockpile a little the other day I found it to be very interesting that I had forgotten about some of it and some of my writing was very good. In the event that this post works and sticks to the blog okay I may continue blogging. My son says I’m being silly and there is no reason why the blog is not posting. Being a writer, like me has it’s little challenges. If I had a blog, I’d blog about freedom ….,justice ….and love between my brothers and my sisters…ah….all over this blog…


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