New Tricks

A big part of my writing career of the past couple of years has been renewal. Improved diet, attempts at exercise, time for sleep, rest and meditation, reading, writing and time for adventures have been more of focus for me rather than work. My family is still my rock despite some of the dynamics of it have changed. I’ve noticed.

It has been rather odd to try to and just take care of myself rather than be so consumed by work and other responsibilities. Old habits are difficult to change. There has been some progress in my general health but also backsliding issues have hampered my inconsistent efforts to improve. A cycle of events usually happens then I rouse myself again and resolve to try harder. Within a few weeks of correction I begin to feel better, I enjoy the renewal and avoid being consistent for awhile and then start to feel the decline again. I’ve noticed.


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  1. I KNOW exactly what you mean.
    We have to aim high, and then when we inevitably slide backwards, it is not so bad.

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