My mature head is aching a bit after coping with the decline and fall of my old computer and the birthing process of my new one. Left entirely to my own devices I made my way into the store and proceeded to only look at what was available. Within the hour I had bought one. After sealing the deal I realized that my capable young salesperson was one of the kids from our rural community so we had a nice little visit before I left the store. That was a personal touch in a rather confusing and expensive impulse buy.

Two trips into town later with all the formatting and data transfer completed I brought my snazzy new laptop home. Taking it out of the box and wrappings and skimming the manual I just sighed, boxed it up again and left it for the night. Today, my nephew came to visit, knowingly to ramp up my computer and get me back in touch with emails, blogging and research for my writing.

Let’s just say, I’m still trying to find my way around. Without the help of my tech savvy nephew my new purchase would still be wrapped in plastic and I wouldn’t really have a clue. By tomorrow I might even be able to figure out how to do the last remaining baffling features on my own. Otherwise, I’ll be seeing more of my nephew.

The old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks comes to mind and if I could figure out how to google the reference I might even know it’s origin. Seriously, I can’t figure out my google. Goodnight.



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2 responses to “(Sigh)

  1. Suzanne

    I know how you feel buying your own computer then trying to get it going. The first time I bought a laptop I took it back to the shop and told the man the battery wasn’t working. He explained to me I had to plug it and charge it up. Boy – did I feel stupid. πŸ™‚

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