Pacing Myself Accordingly

Grinding to a standstill almost here in a small rural Ontario heritage village, I wonder what the rest of the Zoomers are up to in their “FREE TIME” . The weather is warm, the atmosphere is becoming late summer, the fruits and vegetables are abundant and the bees are fortunately still buzzing in my flower patch.

Nothing much is really going on and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Once in awhile I venture out to the store, visit the library, attend a bridal shower at church (OOPS,must get back to regularly attending services in the fall) sit on the neighbour’s deck and drink coffee and eat her cookies, take little walks, support the local farmer’s market, cook and bake for myself, visit family and have lunch with a friend.

Mostly, I read while I’m relatively stuck at home with my son’s dog ( who I just caught chewing an electrical cord under my desk as I write this blog!) while he gets established in a new job in the big city. Reading is just about the most perfect thing for this lifestyle.

My writing “HOBBY” has almost dwindled like a dried creek. The drain of having my son take up his roots, start a new job elsewhere, deal with all the assorted details of the move, store all his stuff here thereby cluttering up my tiny home and assign his year old bulldog to my care for a couple of months has nipped my writing off at the bud.

  I’ve become quieter, almost borderline stick-in-the mud and viewer of a few television shows. So far, the allure of soap operas has escaped me so I know I’m still relatively sane.

So all in all, no complaints other than some occasional moments of wondering if I’m using my time wisely. It is time spent resting, reading, puttering and reflecting. I have a furry guest to entertain but I can stick her in a crate a couple of times a day whenever I need to do errands or other tasks. 

There will be time to go a little further afield in a month or so, once in awhile and I may even find something more exciting to write about than this. It really isn’t so bad. In fact, it is just a change of pace.



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2 responses to “Pacing Myself Accordingly

  1. It could be thought of as rejuvenation time, which is always time well spent.
    I think it is society that expects more of us, not what we ourselves really require.

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