Serendipity Geek

Something I would never do just for fun would be to list my favourite books. I don’t think there is a job posting available for this  that would pay me to do this either, but no doubt someone does this kind of thing for a living. Working in the book industry in any way would be a pleasant experience except for the ruthless culling of books not making the best selling lists. It seems like a great loss to me to just toss out a book because it isn’t trending well in the current market. Then again, the monumental selection of books, old and contemporary is mind blowing, overwhelming and fascinating. A method I have used in selecting books to give them a try is rather laid back. Mostly, I read the ones left on the library table by someone else or if they are in the sale barrel marked down, way down. Finding an interesting book left forgotten or on purpose on a public bench or in a taxi sometimes turns out well but may not be the most sanitized source.

I have surfed bookstores looking at each and every shelf until a title or author speaks to me. Sometimes this works but due to the expense of books it is risky and not advised. Recently, I’ve taken to reading book blogs and copied down titles recommended by reviewers and with the help of my helpful community librarian tracked many of these books down from the far reaches of the inter-library system within our province.  Once in awhile I still venture into the dark recesses of the second hand bookstores with an attitude of adventure prepared for finding something unusual, out of print and simply amazing. The appeal of  finding old literary treasures makes my day. Obviously this method  of book selection defies list making, as it should.

It is a magical thing when you find a good book that seems to be meant for you. The connection between the author and the reader can’t be restricted to a list. It happens.



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2 responses to “Serendipity Geek

  1. I feel the same way! I am not one to pick up a best seller(love libraries instead of buying). I am looking for those books that mean something to me as an individual not one in a crowd of mass consumers. I write for the same reason. You expressed this so perfectly! Thanks!

  2. I’m a huge fan of used bookstores and usually go there first.

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