Type B Willy Nilly

One thing I have done this year is read. My book lists from reading book blogs around the world have kept my local library on point I dare say. Sometimes I get just one book from my list. Sometimes several. Sometimes I get funny looks from the neighbours as I haul two huge bags full of books to the car. The librarian is delighted and so is her supervisor (so I hear). The tiny library puts out the call and the inter-library loan answers as best as it can. A few of the books have been not entirely to my taste but every single one has been well written.

My free spirit will not allow me to record in depth each title, author or review of each work. My system is to simply read a variety of book blogs, jot the book title, author and maybe a few other details on a single piece of note paper and bundle up all the notes for my librarian and hand them over when she calls me to let me know something has come in for me. It is like a lottery. I never know what it will be and I take what I can get, gladly. Do I miss any of the books that she can not find for me (rhetorically asked)…no. Hundreds of books have passed my way this year!

One thing I have not done this year is write. I have written some blogs and a few short stories. I had a short article published and one of my poems included in a day journal for charity. So happy, happy, happy about both little events but for some reason not so inclined to send out too much else. The writing stockpile is still under the desk with revisions pencilled in but not permanently worked into a polished piece. Still, the great question. What is it I want to say when I do commit to writing something .At this point I am trying to outsmart the computer and avoid the weird little marks it is making when I chose certain endings and punctuations. Seriously,Ièmbaffled…see what I meanÉ!

All I know is I am a free spirit, making jot notes randomly and handing them over to a professional so that I can read what I want to read, decline the ones that do not entirely appeal and perhaps that is what my writing needs at the moment. My writing can be so Type A.



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4 responses to “Type B Willy Nilly

  1. You might have accidentally switched your keyboard to French. Check the task bar in the bottom right hand corner. Click the keyboard icon and you can then switch it back.

  2. I had to stop buying books for awhile when the unread pile nearly filled a shopping bag. When I’ve finished with them I really should go to libraries instead of book stores. Congratulations on having your work published.

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