Something At the Door

Last year, no winter really, so no way to write

anything decent with feeling and meaning.

Creativity joints seized, worried just enough to seek nutrition and rare light.

Some scattering of emotion, distracted.

Winter is roaring again and nothing human walks by.

Half hoping to hear a frozen beat at the door

last hope crashing

yet still expecting renewal.

Support needed, a reminder,



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5 responses to “Something At the Door

  1. hello – hope you are alright, it sounds pretty bad – you must ask for help if you need it, low temperatures are killer – my mum and dad spent Christmas without electricity and dynamite wouldnt get them out of their home, but if you need to you must

  2. Suzanne

    It sounds scary. I hope the storms in your part of the world abate soon.

  3. They say we’ll see a good old fashioned January thaw starting this weekend. I hope it happens up your way too.

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