A berry crumble day, laundry going to beat the band and a pile of library books stacked and ready. One more day of doggy duty involving wild times in the snow banks at the side of the house and spot cleaning. Tomorrow, son and dog move yet again. Within my driving limits, they will be only thirty minutes or so away, so close but on their own. They are modern day nomads.

I’ll read all day and night if I want to and no saucy pup will be barking at me to smarten up and feed her or walk her or play with her or deal with any late night disturbance outside on the yard such as a rabbit zipping about, owls hooting in the big old tree or next door neighbour putting out his garbage. Once the floor is clean and washed and all the pee pads are trashed things should really pick up.

Tomorrow is still a busy day of details. The day after will be a recuperation with feet up in between tidy up. The day after that will be back to dealing with unfinished projects. Can’t wait.

As an ancient Scottish ancestor might have said…”.I’m no mad but just a wee bit wearie Dearies….”


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  1. It’s easy to get used to being alone, and to even prefer it.

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