For a couple of hours today, my responsibilities and worries just took a back seat as I immersed myself into a unique theatre experience. It was just what I needed. The small theatre was previewing a one man play and I was asked to join a good friend who appreciates the talent of this young actor. Few others were in the audience as it was held mid afternoon, mid week and for whatever other reason. A group from a nursing home filled up the front row with their wheelchairs and caregivers. This setting, this dynamic of patrons, the talent on stage and the content of the play worked a special kind of magic. An insight was achieved and respect worked both ways between the performer ,his accompanist on the piano and the audience. As part of the audience, sitting behind the elderly and in full view of the play, I was caught up in the layers  of human experience. To explain further it was perhaps like play within a play but only to someone sensitive to the professional work on stage, the bravery of spirit embodied in the old folks attending the play as a scheduled outing and the presence of a few others like myself, just theatre goers. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. I’m glad I went. When it works , it is magic.



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2 responses to “Resonance

  1. I’ve never seen a real play. I imagine that it would be very different from anything I have experienced.

    • Wow! I am a retired teacher and loved being a teacher but I feel being in a theatre is like being at home. But then again, you are more inclined to be a keen observer and a careful and scientific writer of nature.It is interesting how one might prefer to see and deal with the world in different beautiful ways.

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