Home Truths

Boots on for walk on crusty ice through wind tunnelled city

Theatre day

Frozen car, windshield wipers frozen, trunk won’t work

Friend with me and we go as best as we can

Still making up mind about the play

Should have liked it more and maybe I will like it more when I make up my mind to like it



killers for ache

so unable to relax

completely there

At home relief, collapse and boots still on for support and warmth

No need really

just home



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8 responses to “Home Truths

  1. 😀 Very human, if that makes sense.

  2. I love the stream of consciousness posts you have been doing…..very neat!

  3. thankyou very much…trying to do what feels right

  4. I could feel the cold! We’ve all really reached our limits and are just waiting now to thaw out for a bit. I’m wondering what play you saw that you couldn’t decide about?

  5. By the way Aunt L, this is your book loving niece…… I have a blog but it is private…….I never write it in it……..wrote one post and gave up………uh oh!
    Glad to see your posts in my mailbox again. Love, A

  6. I have a hard time sitting through a movie so I’m not sure I’d make it through a play.

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