Curtain Time

Well into the early morning hours, after reading and finishing several books I’ve had on the go and doing some online writing research, with an aching appendage or two, I ‘ve made the tea and sat down to this post. The quiet of the country night, it’s darkness and coolness after yesterday’s dramatic storm appeals to my urge to express this mood,this condition and tribal connection. Finding the inspiration by only doing the work and yet not finding it really, just darkness and quiet. All coolness, the night is long  but manageable with hot tea and still fresh cherry bread purchased  from the bakery on impulse but sustaining in these long hours, soft lights and locked doors. Poetry gently nudges around and settles in little thoughts from lists, totally off the cuff and useless but securely drawn and suitable for the night.


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Filed under allegories and parodies, books, food, friends, health and wellness, poetry, retirement, social issues, storytelling, writing

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