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Making Do

Leaky toilet, a long standing issue around here is being fixed. The stained flooring that I have put up with is also on it’s way out today. A dripping kitchen faucet that has somehow soaked the counters and floor for over a year is scheduled for repairs later today. Non-existent bathroom screening will be installed so I can open the window for ventilation during taking a shower without squirrels, birds, bugs and bats crawling in to join me. There are a few little repairs I might squeeze in once these more important things are done. Despite the cost, which will be reasonable, I am happy.

When I do my home reno projects they take time and of course money. I put up with the broken, the leaky, the outdated and the dreadful until I just can’t take it anymore. Usually this takes years. Then I start thinking about how to finally deal with fixing whatever needs it the most. Some trips to the home improvement stores, some home repair magazine browsing and some creative banking later I call up my retired Mr. Fix Anything and Does it Well and he gives me an estimate on the repairs, buys the supplies he needs, picks out the materials after we discuss colours and general likes and dislikes and somehow finds the time to do the work, cleans up beautifully and is on his way.

In the whole scheme of things you can put up with a great deal of broken, run down and leaky stuff for a very long time but it is pure joy to have the darn situation finally fixed. An old, old, old house lends itself to the aggravations, despair and desperation of many restorative repairs. If I had a reality television program on my lifestyle it might be called Broken, Rundown and Leaky but Grateful.



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Lost in a Good Part of Town

Clear cold night, nice part of town and there I was, momentarily disoriented. Lost somehow, on my way to visit friends things looked different to me. I have a tendency to drive by landmarks rather than directions.  I had previously visited these folks in daylight and had maneuvered a couple of turns to their home without difficulty but that was some time ago. Tonight, I was literally in the dark and confining myself to a couple of streets that I thought went a certain way and met up at my destination but I had not taken myself far enough down the street so kept looping around and around and around!

 After a few minutes of this I couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing but eventually found myself. I went further down the road, which I thought was a dead end and found it made the curve and low and behold there was the home I was desperately trying to find. Embarrassed yet relieved I was happy to find my friends, accept a glass of wine and enjoyed a great meal. 

I found out later a phone call to my home out of town had been made as they were wondering where (the heck) I was and what ( the heck) had happened to me. The message is still on my answering machine and after I publish this blog I will check it out. It is nice to know that a search party might have been organized if I had been lost in the woods.  Considering I was safely driving around a lovely neighbourhood, close to downtown landmarks, restaurants and coffeeshops I didn’t really panic except for the realization I was holding up their dinner.

I think I was forgiven but now they know I’m likely to be out there, driving around, looking for myself  and having a senior moment if I’m invited back again. Now they know to just reheat the casserole and uncork the wine because I’ll make it….eventually.


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