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Yard Work, Digging Mostly

Keeping me on my toes, the gathering of two family members, a neighbour, my librarian and  her daughters, I went ahead with my night to meet and encourage other community writers.

The sensory games and  creativity ideas were tried. Some poetry, mine and another’s ( a professional) published piece were read. A story about the influences of the neighbour attending the event, upon my writing, was pulled for my stockpile and read in it’s entirety. We ate fruit and dessert squares. Another evening, led by me, encouraging young writers was planned for the summer.

In the meantime, stories and threads of ideas were revealing themselves, The group dynamics were interesting. From the mixture of a very small gathering came ideas of reading with very young children, the trauma of  caring for elderly pets,decluttering household contents and wondering about the unforeseen future, knitting, crochet, tatting, hooked rug making, church yard sales, baking, cooking, reading cookbooks, dealing with children, throwing away blackened pots of burnt spaghetti, recalling the chores of working with father in the barn milking the cows and going to the mill and cleaning the house, despising those awful hooked rugs so heavy to drag from the upstairs bedrooms all the way downstairs to air them and clean them while sister baked, studying French and setting up a writing blog …. one that the mom , the librarian, can’t read because it will be all about her according to one of the young daughters.

At the conclusion of the evening another neighbour arrived. A young mother returning her library books, noticing us finishing up the brownies and the fruit tray, realizing we were a bit over the closing hour at the library. Familiar to me, a neighbour, we often say hello. I knew she was a fellow teaching colleague on maternity leave and an artist. Now I know she writes a blog. From just skimming through some of her blog posts I’ve also discovered that her husband is a poet.

All in all, a successful gathering . A very small community gathering of supportive people just planting the seed and nudging together the warming circle of stories, ideas and creativity.Tending a word garden takes effort and patience and with a sprinkle or two of interest it might even take root.

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Too Much Unwanted Information

Almost to the point of exasperation I tried last night to find something worth watching, in my estimation ,on television. Every once in a while I just like to chill out and watch something interesting.  My taste in programming is more along the lines of history, literature, music, art, theatre, cooking ,science and comedy. Enjoyable to me are programs that teach me something, remind me of something important ,encourage me to dream and enjoy a fantasy, make me laugh and sometimes make me cry. Anything with a nice dog in the plot and I’m quite happy.

Instead of getting a steady fare of programming that appeals to me the offerings are a huge boatload of violent, shallow, absurd and dysfunctional stupidity. To be fair I don’t think it has been too much different in the past. I was just too busy, polite and wet behind the ears to notice.

 With all the talent, skill and creativity out there in television land one would assume there would be more quality programs. It is provoking enough to inspire this opinion piece and oddly enough, I’m the last one usually to rant. Can you tell that I am approaching my sixtieth birthday?

Books have been my go to entertainment when the television blinks rubbish. Sometimes the books are not what they seem but at least they give my intelligence the benefit of an exercise. The joy of reading something worthwhile relaxes and inspires. In my own mind, I can stage the setting and characters to suit the plot and decide if I will see it through to the conclusion, or not.

Of course, there are always films. Don’t start me up on films.

Documentaries, I like.

Sorry ,I’m Canadian and getting older.


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