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A Wannabe Village Person

Taking a window of opportunity with milder weather today I collected up some stuff my son requested from home for his new place and took an early evening drive into town. I’m a wonderful mother, I know.

Big puddles and millions of potholes slowed my journey down considerably. His neighbourhood is a wonderfully quirky part of town with many charming points and places. The narrow and snow slushed filled streets riddled with cracks and gullies somewhat detract from it’s appeal at the moment.

Several people were out walking their dogs but just as many were carrying them over the rushing puddles collecting at the intersections. Oddly enough it seemed like the right thing to do, however my son’s seventy pound bulldog pup will not likely get this treatment. ( By the way, she was THRILLED to see me and made her face go all smiley rather than the usual bulldog pouty look.)

The inky black night soon settled in by the time I was on my way back home and what with the snow piles and potholes I  eased my car through the narrow street lit up here and there with little restaurants, galleries and shops still open. A giant evergreen, mid village is still lit with white Christmas lights. The place has a special hum about it at any time but on this inky dark, wet and slushy night it looked welcoming, interesting and good place to be.

When the snow finally melts and the slush drains away I think my son will see me in the artsy village neighbourhood more often. He need not worry about me pestering him too much though. I’ll be finding myself at one of the galleries or poetry gatherings. I’ll be the one maybe reciting a lament to slush and potholes, not wearing a beret.


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Soup on a Pedestal?

At first, I thought I must have entered the wrong store absent mindedly, revelling in my new found freedom from intensive dog sitting. Looking around and beyond, I saw books on display but in my immediate space, entering the bookstore I was treated to a whole section of cozy grey wool blankets, tea making things, candles, table linens, dinnerware, yoga mats and baby gifts. Bookends, word games, giftwrap and you name it engulfed the side aisle of the store.

 Near the back of this long line of lovely things I found a display of children’s books that led in fact to a whole section of children’s games, toys and oh yes, some more children’s books.

Making a quick but thoughtful purchase of some children’s books for a family gift I made a dash out the door to avoid spending anymore money on stuff I most likely didn’t need. I was tempted but I overcame the impulse.

They didn’t really want me to buy books in that store. They wanted me to buy the illusion of the book reading lifestyle. Rare teas, rich chocolates, soft woolen throws and earthy looking pottery soup bowls on pedestals demanded my attention and my cash.

A  book lover all of my life, I keep warm while reading in woolen blankets crocheted by my sister, drink my tea out of mugs collected from garage sales ,enjoy the scent of finally using ancient candles stored for years in case of a power outage and eat my homemade  soup out of small tempered glass pot that can either be heated on the stove, oven or glory be, the microwave.

I used to go into the store to just look around at the books and breathe the bookish dusty atmosphere. I didn’t mind the scent of coffee brewing along the café side of the store. In fact I found it often a temptation I couldn’t ignore. Also appreciated were the many interesting chairs and tables around the very large store encouraging the buyer to stay awhile, read and then decide about a book purchase or not. Phased out a couple of years ago, the music section was another favourite spot of mine. Replacing the jazz, blues, folk and classical vibe are displays of electronic media stuff. Oh well. I can maybe find a music store before they are totally replaced by on line sources.

Needless to say, I felt overwhelmed and out of the loop, yet again. My idea of a bookstore keeps being made over and updated while I hang onto a dream place of quiet shelves, stocked with real books. The kind of store that the second hand type of bookstores have become. A little cramped, a little dusty, rather quaint but filled with choices and treasures of the literary kind.

I’ll go back. I always do. I know the books are in there…. somewhere.


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Pacing Myself Accordingly

Grinding to a standstill almost here in a small rural Ontario heritage village, I wonder what the rest of the Zoomers are up to in their “FREE TIME” . The weather is warm, the atmosphere is becoming late summer, the fruits and vegetables are abundant and the bees are fortunately still buzzing in my flower patch.

Nothing much is really going on and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Once in awhile I venture out to the store, visit the library, attend a bridal shower at church (OOPS,must get back to regularly attending services in the fall) sit on the neighbour’s deck and drink coffee and eat her cookies, take little walks, support the local farmer’s market, cook and bake for myself, visit family and have lunch with a friend.

Mostly, I read while I’m relatively stuck at home with my son’s dog ( who I just caught chewing an electrical cord under my desk as I write this blog!) while he gets established in a new job in the big city. Reading is just about the most perfect thing for this lifestyle.

My writing “HOBBY” has almost dwindled like a dried creek. The drain of having my son take up his roots, start a new job elsewhere, deal with all the assorted details of the move, store all his stuff here thereby cluttering up my tiny home and assign his year old bulldog to my care for a couple of months has nipped my writing off at the bud.

  I’ve become quieter, almost borderline stick-in-the mud and viewer of a few television shows. So far, the allure of soap operas has escaped me so I know I’m still relatively sane.

So all in all, no complaints other than some occasional moments of wondering if I’m using my time wisely. It is time spent resting, reading, puttering and reflecting. I have a furry guest to entertain but I can stick her in a crate a couple of times a day whenever I need to do errands or other tasks. 

There will be time to go a little further afield in a month or so, once in awhile and I may even find something more exciting to write about than this. It really isn’t so bad. In fact, it is just a change of pace.


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