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Under The Wagon

At first I didn’t see you Sam

lying there under the wagon laden with flowers

you looked very dirty, matted 

I thought you could be dead

Stopped in my tracks

I spoke to you but you didn’t respond

you just laid there with your eyes closed

the noise of the fans

overwhelmed my voice

or maybe you were deaf to everything

or maybe just too tired to respond

I went


my business

and on my way back you were still there and you hadn’t moved

 you looked dried up


but it may have just been the way

your hair was all clumped

I did ask about you and found out your name Sam and was told there were a couple of more around just like you

It looked like an ok place so I hope there was food and water for you and the others tonight

It is just that I am thinking about you Sam and wishing in a perfect world you could be here, sleeping in a cooler place and maybe cleaned up and taken care of a little better

But then again, you might be very happy there


what I think

You are free to roam and find your own way

I just hope they are feeding you and the water is fresh…..

Your poor matted clumps of hair, Persian Sam.

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