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Half Done

The book is well written and poetic but it doesn’t appeal to me.  I will finish reading it because it is for book club. It is the kind of book I have to take to my reading hideout in the market parking lot and finish as I eat an oversize sandwich on whole wheat with choice of pickle, celery or carrots and drink dark roast coffee. I can’t read this book at home.More to the truth, I won’t read it at home. The afternoon sun will fade. Grey nothing best described as late afternoon surrounds the car and I drive home. It is the way this book is tolerated. In a few days there will be a meeting and we will have a good time as usual for this is the book that has brought us together. A well written, poetic book,complicated and thoughtfully done, it has merit. Historical, educational, sensitive and bluntly graphic with images of sunlight on the feathers of geese and the flight of a terrified child falling into defective net,a flag held by other children,breaking both arms and no one coming to help. It has become a chore and most likely worth finishing to get the full benefit.  My book, which I’ve never written glints in the moonlight. No geese.

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Carved In Stone

Orange pumpkins by the door set off by bins of Christmas lights and wreaths ready to go make this time of year quite festive. A village Hallowe’en recently celebrated must rapidly make way for our night time Christmas parade next weekend. Everyone tries to get a few lights up and hang a wreath or two. There will be pots of chili and hot cider on the stove ready for drop in guests.  Families visit together and local service groups provide entertainment for the little ones. The parade route volunteers gather food from the sidelines for the foodbank and donated clothing such as children’s snowsuits .   A couple of senior citizens are designated as parade royalty and marshal everyone in their antique cars to the park to visit with Santa in a charming restored pioneer log cabin. Hot chocolate and hotdogs are part of the scene at the beautiful heritage park as everyone gathers for a fun evening.

A few days later, we gather again at the park for Remembrance. There will be several there who know first hand what Remembrance is all about and these are the faces that I can’t help but study. The stories of these people are powerful . I can only try to appreciate the depth of each one and seek some personal reflection on the intensity, grief and sensitivity of those who first hand have experienced things I can’t even imagine. Many of us attending can only contribute our quiet respect and do our best to live honourably.

There is a fine monument in our park and names are engraved there. That is what I know. I will silently stand there in a few days and be part of the gathering.


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Talking Books

Thick with dust, the two very old military history books were stored on a neglected shelf in a damp glassed in veranda in the farmhouse. Not the most interesting looking, they were somehow saved in a box and moved to storage. Condition ranging from musty, torn cover to musty and fair shape, the two books didn’t attract any attention at a family garage sale. Next stop was going to be the charity store or the recycling bin. However, the books seemed to speak to me as I drove home with my other more practical treasures from the sale. The chatter was enough for me to call back for the books and they were given to me, free of charge. Family garage sales are excellent for such bargains!

Plans for the two old books are of a decorative nature. They will be displayed together on a fireplace mantel or coffee table along with other battered, ancient books  . The books evoke a kind of dignity to me that is difficult to express but easy to feel. Oddly enough, I found myself reading them well into the night not minding the mustiness or faded pages. They will open again in due time anytime a guest notices them and maybe someday be used as reference material for a story or two. That is the beauty and value of these books that somehow seemed to speak to me. Listening seems to come naturally.


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