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Home Truths

Boots on for walk on crusty ice through wind tunnelled city

Theatre day

Frozen car, windshield wipers frozen, trunk won’t work

Friend with me and we go as best as we can

Still making up mind about the play

Should have liked it more and maybe I will like it more when I make up my mind to like it



killers for ache

so unable to relax

completely there

At home relief, collapse and boots still on for support and warmth

No need really

just home


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For a couple of hours today, my responsibilities and worries just took a back seat as I immersed myself into a unique theatre experience. It was just what I needed. The small theatre was previewing a one man play and I was asked to join a good friend who appreciates the talent of this young actor. Few others were in the audience as it was held mid afternoon, mid week and for whatever other reason. A group from a nursing home filled up the front row with their wheelchairs and caregivers. This setting, this dynamic of patrons, the talent on stage and the content of the play worked a special kind of magic. An insight was achieved and respect worked both ways between the performer ,his accompanist on the piano and the audience. As part of the audience, sitting behind the elderly and in full view of the play, I was caught up in the layers  of human experience. To explain further it was perhaps like play within a play but only to someone sensitive to the professional work on stage, the bravery of spirit embodied in the old folks attending the play as a scheduled outing and the presence of a few others like myself, just theatre goers. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. I’m glad I went. When it works , it is magic.


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Seeking a Cure

The last two blog posts that I have written have deleted themselves before I could publish them as if the computer had little gremlins editing content and deciding it wasn’t worthy. This is a bit annoying but I don’t really care. (I really didn’t need those blogs anyway.)

 I’m just trying to get back to blogging after a rest. My first blog that disappeared was about being resourceful. The second one was about cleaning out my closets and still having to finish that task before dealing with more tasks. This third blog is about the current drama about my son relocating yet again for his theatre work and dealing with all of that because it involves  a great deal of dog sitting and other supportive stuff mothers do for their sons.

There is all of this stuff and it can be overwhelming. Being resourceful on top of all this stuff is also conflicting. It is like an never ending pile of stuff that needs dealing with and I would rather not have to face it but I have to because it is my stuff, my son’s stuff and the dog is just the icing on the cake.

Think kindly of me as I work on the cure and blog about it in my own resourceful way. It may just work.


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A Spell In Maycomb County

Scoring a ticket from a neighbour with an extra one to share I was included in an evening of community theatre at The Palace, London, Canada. The production was To Kill a Mockingbird. The large refurbished old theatre was packed and the ages were varied. Everyone there already some knowledge of the story or was prepared by their companions for a very special evening.

Recently rereading the book by Harper Lee, I considered myself something of an expert on how the story should be interpreted. The production was well done and performances rang true. So much of this wonderful book in a stage presentation has be reinterpreted, shortened and adapted. To capture the essence of the story is quite a challenge.

There is so much to learn from looking back and trying to sort out what  circumstances, instinct and wisdom play in our lives. I appreciate that this production renewed  interest in a fine story. At different times of our life, from childhood to maturity such lessons need review.


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