The Crack In the Dining Room Table…..

Pushing my grocery cart along in the grocery store I saw a neighbour that I hadn’t seen all winter. After briefly catching up and finding out some news we started talking books right there in the meat section. My reading choices are so random and follow no rhyme or reason so I just told her about the ones I had just finished. She in turn told me about her recent favourite, The Help by Kathryn Stockert.

 I went off to the bookstore with just the title in mind. I bought it, came home and started it after supper and kept reading until 4:30 am. I knew I’d like it after the first chapter, obviously. The book set in Mississippi, early 1960’s has an important theme, three great main characters and has the  added appeal for me of a struggling writer. By the wee hours of the morning I had a growing respect for Miss Skeeter, admired and loved Aibilene and wished  I had Minny for a close friend. Minny is capable, opinionated, hilarious and doesn’t take any guff from anyone. Tonight I start reading it again on page 180. It’s nice to read something that matters. I can’t wait to find out what Minny put in Hilly’s pie but I have a sneaking suspicion and I wouldn’t put it past her.

The crack in the dining room table could of happened to anybody.


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