Long Overdue (Darn it)

Well, it’s very late and I just wrote a nice little blog about this being about a year since I started blogging and such sweet other reflections. However, when I went to publish it the spinning thingy just kept spinning and I think I’ve lost the blog. It all doesn’t really matter except to say that I’m still at it here, books piled up, reading all kinds of eclectic things, writing a fair bit, going to artsy type outings but still trying to catch up. There are so many books and so many writing inspirations and so many artsy things waiting to be appreciated.Long overdue, this personal renaissance. I wonder if the blog will publish this time. It most likely will considering this is just a bit of nonsense that I’ve written as I’m angry that the other blog didn’t take. Anyway, goodnight!



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2 responses to “Long Overdue (Darn it)

  1. …and good luck Liz. keep at it. continue…

  2. thanks Tony..i see the little piece was published twice…darn it…hope your writing is going well ….

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