Brewed For Blackout

Anticipating the storms to arrive eventually , doors still closed to the heat, curtains backing out the glare  ,measures taken and fans directed. Cooled, refreshed , dressed to remain indoors in a waiting rest. Rumbling storms arrive and darken outlines of houses, trees and withered ferns. Too late to bring in cushions on the porch, so coffee brewed for blackout. Wind, rain, lightning, thunder combine repeatedly through the late day and create an exhausted night. Sirens heard with each new surge, subsiding before a chance to recover and no one knows what has gone so terribly wrong except the ones who have to go into the wild night. Cat behind curtain, frightened search for duvet ,instinctively moving. 



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3 responses to “Brewed For Blackout

  1. Suzanne

    It sounds wild. Hope you get through it ok.

  2. Sat up and watched the storm despite the sporadic blackouts, sticks and leaves all over but no trees down here. Damage in other areas closeby.

  3. We lost power here today and it rained as hard as I’ve ever seen for nearly 5 hours straight. I saw a pond flood over its banks for the first time in the 21 years that I’ve lived here.

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