Judge Wizzy

Tonight, using a great Horned Owl puppet and through an eccentric owl whisperer character, Wizzy stories were shared with improvised humour at the local library.

An Embarrassment of Freedom

Finally… a nice evening alone in the old  hollow tree with nothing to do except chill out and listen to a little night music. Wizzy was using her acute hearing to  concentrate on the out of district indie lark that had attracted her attention along the wire she sometimes perched on. His music was  intriguing as it had a wide range between an angry vibrato and a husky sub-amplitude croon. With this appealing entertainment and the sparse comforts of her home she was savouring the groove that her quiet  life had evolved into, give or take the odd adventure. The coolness of the night didn’t spoil her comfort. In fact she liked it enough to stay put in her forest home rather than go in for the winter time shares in the warm pig barn over yonder. No assisted living for her!

Oddly though, the normally chilly nest was  becoming uncomfortably warm. Thinking at first she was having a hot flash as could be expected due to…

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