“The Storyteller One”

Every ten years I write a story and then go back to sitting in my recliner and stiffen significantly up due to being overwhelmed. No, that’s an exaggeration. I write for my writers group once a month. We share our work and then I go back to the recliner and watch videos. My writers group is small consisting of about six people but that is flexible as I see the other names on the contact list would make it a bit larger. I have never met them. One writer joined in for some sessions and then stopped. Life intervened .Currently there are four of us meeting on a zoom once a month. The “edgy one”, is busy at the moment doing other stuff but when she is there our group totals five. Confusing enough. We are so different. Our genres are memoirs, religion, fantasy, storytelling and poetry. Considering where I fit in the group is more confusing, I write descriptive content that seem to be children’s stories with an allegory or two thrown in often with a touch of humour, a flash of sarcasm and when needed, a peek of vulnerability. The group does however keep my writing on life support for the time being. None of this may interest you. This blog started my writing process about twelve years ago so I am getting back to daily writing. There will be some clawing, scraping and stretching going on as I attempt to resurrect my atrophied imagination. (An insight you might find enlightening in all of this is that I just spent the day researching literary agents, realizing my considerable stash defies description and being overwhelmed once more I have returned to the recliner and sought relief with you, dear reader.)


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  1. Write on girrrl…write on! Stay well and continue…

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