Storm Inspired Food

Last night the weather was a wild time of sleet, big wind, thunder and lightning. It felt good to be home in front of my new fake electric fireplace ( on sale and tricky to put together) comforting my nervous old dog, Holly. I’ve always liked  the drama of  big rainy storms when I’m home and safe. Wrapped up in blankets and comforters I drifted in and out of sleep. Luckily the hydro stayed on. However, today just when I wanted to make supper the hydro cut out.  So we waited for the power to come on.  My son started talking about the pioneer lifestyle in admiration and even thought about digging out a boardgame. Instead he hooked up a DVD in the laptop on reserve battery power. I’m so proud.

 During the imposed interval I searched in the gloom through some church cookbooks for a brownie recipe.  Brownies are my go to thing when I need a little something something. Well, I found several good ones but when the power came on I rustled up some chili as it was something I was tempted to do by a WordPress blog  had read last night (  Chili,My Way). Then instead of sinful brownies I went to my new go to recipe for sour cream and cheese biscuits to go with the chili. This recipe is in the cookbook The Rookie Cook by Jean Pare. It is so easy and quite tasty. Biscuits are not all that hard to do but somehow this was even easier than the usual. Who needs elaborate recipies anyway? Plain good food, cooked right and served hot was mom’s style and my heritage. 

 Come to think of it I just might make a chocolate pudding pie…my all time childhood comfort food courtesy of my mom. Simple and yummy. Who needs fancy smanchy food anyway?


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