Work in Progress

Not one to play card games or work at puzzles, I enjoy reading. A reasonable variety of books interest me but some do not. I am mostly attracted by fiction’s free spirits and renegades. I definitely have no talent in math or science so rule those books out. Philosophy bores me to tears, sorry I just don’t get it. Autobiographies and biographies have limited appeal. Religion I can take in brief essays but I’m not  deep enough to commit. Poetry makes me a little tired. History is interesting in small doses .Politics is just too confusing.  Art and design books keep me entertained. Books about humour also serve a purpose when I’m working on a speaking project. Cookbooks are comforting on a dark and stormy night. Children’s literature has been a constant joy throughout my teaching career. I think I love it so much because these books were a rarity for me as a child. Perhaps now that is why my idea of a fun time is to wander around bookstores and try to find something suited to me.

 At this turning point in my life, it is time to expand my reading horizons to help develop my writing. I’m almost finished with writing about myself. A few more kicks at the can and I will be free of all that. I know there are more interesting people than myself ( free spirits and renegades) and I would love to write about them. I’m asking my readers for suggestions. Remember I’m consciously naive, so no weird stuff.


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  1. Hmmm… What about Mary Shelley?

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