“A Dwarf, A Musical Instrument and a Whale”

Bizarre as the title of this blog may seem this was a suggested writing theme for a children’s contest I’ve just read about in the biography, The Mystery of Agatha Christie. She had not suggested the theme but was involved in reading the submissions and awarding the prize. The theme had been suggested by the headmaster of the school children. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Apparently, the teachers etc. were encouraging the children to be imaginative and descriptive and someone already in the writing profession like Agatha Christie was looking more for clear, direct writing. For the life of me, I would have no idea how to win this contest. I bet the child who won was a very good storyteller. I enjoyed this biography by Robyns as it depicted Dame Agatha as a modest, shy and astute writer. She called her own writing  a sausage making machine. Bless her.  Even though I felt that I’d grown weary of her books I am now compelled to dust a few Miss Marple’s off and give them another go. She had an amazing life and career and what do I know anyway?

I also read Paul Newman’s Cookbook cover to cover in one night as I have always had a huge crush on him. His writing is easy-going, simple and makes me love him even more. His legacy of the children’s camps called the Hole In the Wall Gang just convinced me I was right about him all along. I will make his favourite salads and soups because I’m still a fan. I encourage everyone to look up his camps on the Hole In the wall Gang website to read about his work being carried on. Paul Newman felt he had been lucky and wanted to do something for young kids and their families challenged with health issues. My hero.

Both of these books are from the bag of books I picked up for a song at the library book sale. I have an old (1930) Stephen Leacock to laugh my way through next. I can’t even remember what else is in the bag but they are going to be great too because my sister helped me pick them. I told you before that I have random book tastes. I’m also finishing up The Help by K. Stockert but you know I like that one too. ( I got distracted by Agatha and Paul for a day or two). If I ever come across a book called A Dwarf, a Musical Instrument and a Whale I’ll be sure to read it too. Sounds just like the random, all over the map kind of reading that I would enjoy.

This blog is dedicated to my book loving niece who reads my blogs even though she could be reading real literature.



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4 responses to ““A Dwarf, A Musical Instrument and a Whale”

  1. The book loving niece - A

    I appreciate your dedication, that is so cool! I love your blog, A. L.! Every post makes me smile, and I like it when I know what memories or books you are writing about…it makes it so awesome. I like the eclectic mix of thoughts, memories, and book jots. This is the type of blog I love to read. You are inspiring me to maybe start my own blog, but we shall see!
    I am glad you picked up some nice books at the sale. I went the next day, and got a few books too, although nothing as excessive as I usually get.
    I think I am your number one fan, as I visit probably twice a day to see if you’ve posted! Haha 🙂 I will have to comment more, although this comment seems too long.
    Love, A 🙂
    P.S. I agree about Agatha…and I too think I should give her writings another go to see what the fuss is about. As you say, what do we know anyway? Also, “The Help” is great and I am glad you are reading it! 🙂

    • Hi there Book Loving Niece! Thanks for your comments and reply….it is fun to know that someone reading the blog knows all about me, no secrets but maybe some insights, I’m delighted with your interest. Please check out a very interesting blog friend of mine. She is rather quirky, and enjoys unusual day to day science. For some reason she likes my stories. I think she is a young person from Michigan, (flipping channels. wordpress.com) Love, Aunt Liz

      • The book loving niece

        Hi Aunt Liz! You’re welcome…I am now getting updates for your blog to my email! Yay! I checked out the blog you suggested and it looks cool, so I added it to my bookmarks to read! 🙂
        Love, the book loving niece

  2. I love a good library book sale. Especially that last magic hour when everything you can fit in a grocery bag is a dollar… I’m also a Christie fan, though my tastes run to Hercule Poirot rather than Miss Marple. I also can’t resist a rummage sale book table. Your post has me even more excited for this summer!

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