Quiet Enough

Late at night, it is quiet enough to write about things that have been percolating through the mind during the day. Darkness settles over the house, the street and the neighbourhood. A few streetlights remain on and a couple of novelty solar lights flare dimly. Doors are locked, windows fastened and the annoying television is turned off.  The old dog sleeps and occasionally twitches with dreams at my feet. One timid cat sleeps on the bed while the other braver one roams outside looking for a tidbit with a tail.

Possible topics for writing are memories of going back to school, childhood adventures living on a farm, experiences with friends, camping trips , episodes at highschool, insights gained at university, regrets and rewards of a career in teaching, surviving a divorce,raising a child, dabbling in creative pursuits maintaining a home and meeting responsibilities . Despite this rich resource of material it is difficult to pick the right story to write about. Perhaps it is time to turn it all into another form of storytelling. It might be time to turn  some of these ideas into a fairytale, a mystery, a romantic page turner or a fantasy…..

Once upon a time, late at night on a quiet street, there was a single light glowing …..


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  1. you have a way with a phrase and a keen eye for detail. continue…

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