Freedom 58

Cleaning closets or sorting out my income tax might have been the more  practical things to do with my day but instead I took myself to two deserted beach towns. Me, myself and I had a wonderful time trying to find an open ice cream stand, reading, watching the waves, sitting in the sun, making diary notes for future writing, eating out, drinking coffee and examining all kinds of memories. I had promised myself a treat if I finished up two writing projects a day early. Seeing as I was a good girl and did that I was entitled to go on a drive and do anything but clean closets or sort tax papers. This kind of lifestyle is the result of reading Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. I highly recommend the book being the recovering creative that I am.

Lately I’ve been taking myself out for artsy adventures and journalling freestyle in the morning. Yes, I’m retired.  I doubt if  I could have taken up such approach to creative spirituality if I was still working full-time. However, I think it would be fun trying to do it while working. It would be like therapy. I imagine. Instead of coming home from an exhausting day and collapsing I think the day would still hold possibilities. The morning journalling exercise gets one focused and distractions are dealt with accordingly. Procrastination issues seem to resolve somewhat with daily entries. At least it does in my case.

The artist date thing is also working. Just take yourself to something you want to do like walk in the woods, sit on the beach, visit a greenhouse, go to a writer’s group, take in a new play, check out a funky store or antique shop …..( fill in your own delightful experiences)….etc. I don’t mind doing these things on my own at all and the interesting thing is that in doing so I’m making new contacts, finding new friendly people ( hi, nice young English Lit student working at Gussie’s!), experiencing new points of view and finding my ever strengthening recovering creative spirit. Being retired just makes it easier but long overdue!



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2 responses to “Freedom 58

  1. glad you are enjoying your process, and indulging your whims Liz. continue…

    • hi tony…yes….from time to time a small indulgence of whims…..interesting that I draw some attention from young people fascinated by my long hand scribing in public places such as a restaurant and inquire about “what are you doing?”…….Liz

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