Choices We Can Make

Important and good ideas live on. Thank goodness they do. I just attended a wonderful performance of Camelot at the Stratford, Ontario, Shakespearean Festival. T.H.White’s wonderful story of King Arthur came through so beautifully in this production. Moved to tears and laughter I was absorbed from start to finish and several days later I’m still thinking about the message of optimism , decency and civilization. I just soaked up the beautiful theatrical experience and felt all the better for it. Surely, if children were exposed to thoughtful and creative material like this on a steady diet of reading, music, art, dance, storytelling, theatre  and reflection the world would be in very good shape. Oh, I know it is fiction but thank goodness for fiction. How would we manage reality without it?

If we could all think through the world’s problems a little more, care a little more, behave towards each other in a more generous, responsible and kind way what effect would it have? A happy ever after might have a chance.


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