Not There Yet But Almost…

With the weather turned from the sublime to the yuck I decided to stay home today and tackle my writing den some more. This used to be a teacher den before so it needs a purge. Manuals, administration stuff, worksheets, school data, related paraphernalia and outdated material were tossed or shredded. Some await the burn pile at the farm. In one corner there remains the old bills junk which fills three huge plastic bins. My son will drag this out for me to go through one more time before it goes up in flames as well.( Maybe I will find money in there). On my desk I have those file organizers and baskets of pencils,pens, markers ( used to have crayons, the chunky kind) and other necessary things such as scissors ( several) , cameras (several), phones (several) staplers, (several), calculators ( several)….not to mention containers of paperclips, tape etc. ….. a flashlight, sunscreen, makeup, vitamins , old and new eyeglasses (hate them all so I don’t wear them), phone chargers and a disconnected mouse . The plan is to take it all away and put back only what I really use within the week. A dear friend insists on giving me little notebooks, journals, post it notes etc so they have been all bundled up as well but I really don’t have the heart to pitch them all out. Maybe I will use them for door prizes when my neighbours come to my door to comment on my blog. It will be a great way to get rid of stuff. I’ve also been tackling the book shelves, music and sentimental knick nacks I’ve collected. Two briefcases of legal battle fun and games with my ex ( bloody good riddance) need to be burnt or buried as well. Then, I intend to roll up the old cheap fake rug which the dog has used periodically as target practise and send it to the dump. With some new bookcases, a pretty reading lamp ( maybe stained glass…sigh) and maybe a splurge for a new desk chair I will have the perfect setting to continue my writing life.  Yesterday I bought a nice big dictionary and a grammar text for reference as mine dated from the 1970’s and were yellow, brittle and smelly. So no excuses now, think of me writing away here very late at night when it is totally quiet with the dog at my feet and the cats asleep on the back of the wing back chair, coffee hot and trying to write like crazy to make up for the last forty years. Editing and proofreading will be saved for the light of day.



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5 responses to “Not There Yet But Almost…

  1. i’m sure u know u can use google as a dictionary…and in any language to boot. good to make a nice writing space. continue…

  2. TBLN

    Sounds good, A.L.! Very cosy it will be! Tonight I edited your two pieces…I only got around to it tonight, as I have been so out of it and tired all week. They are very good, but just needed some tightening up, etc. I will look them over a few more times. I am going to send you an email, and maybe you can send me the instructions for the contest, I don’t know if you have my email so yep…it would be easier for me to edit that way. I hope the last one is going well!

  3. pixilated2

    We do accumulate a lot of detritus in our career type don’t we? I moved everything out to the living room. My rule was, go through it and only put back what was essential to my life. All the rest was given away to local teachers and charities. IT WAS THE HARDEST THING TO DO! I kept looking at it and saying “But this is really cute!” or “This is my favorite…”
    It had to go.
    My living room is now back to being a living room and no longer looks like an episode of “Horders.”

    It feels great when you finally get it all done. ~ Lynda

    • Yes…it’s taking time though…got the new chair and it is awesome so i can write comfortably now….garbage day tomorrow so old stuff on it’s way…bookcases ordered….one bin of old paperwork removed..still two to go through…oh yeah…bought a new reading lamp….rather unique looks like a tree branch…. ha!!! (I ‘ll buy a stain glass one whenever I get published…ha ha ha…..!

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